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Wayfinding Signs

Posted by Troy Bernstein on Jun 20th, 2011

Wayfinding and exterior signs have been around for a long time and have several reasons why they exist. First and foremost, they are there to bring customers in and help guide them to their destination. Business signs are also in place so that people know exactly where your business is. Corporate branding is vital to your success, so your exterior sign needs to tell people driving by who you are.

When you are creating your commercial sign there is one area you must not neglect and that is the zoning requirements for your sign installation. Prior to creating your exterior sign you need to verify with your city or village on the sign codes and regulations. You should confirm the square footage allowed, height restrictions, positioning from the street, illumination restrictions and that is just the beginning. Many cities have significant permit requirements including licensing issues as well.

Another variation of a traditional exterior sign is a wayfinding sign. Wayfinding signs are defined as a unified system of signs for a single facility that provide direction and identification to specific destinations within the facility. These directional sign systems guide people to where they need to go in a user-friendly manner.

Wayfinding signs are necessary to keep traffic flowing by providing easy to read and easy to understand signage that is highly visible for quick access. Wayfinding signs are necessary in a majority of locations including airports, schools, marinas, hospitals, sports stadiums, municipalities, and parking facilities. In the US, all such systems must comply with the ADA. These can also be seen in the form of smaller office signs in larger corporate environments or hotels to guide any visitor to their destination.

Large or small our custom exterior signs are truly unique. External and wayfinding signs invite your visitors to your corporate or business location. Professional exterior signage will be custom designed by one of our sign experts. You want to make your custom sign perfect; we can help you do that.  Visit our sign company and make sure to check out some of our exterior sign projects below.


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