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What is a Sign Company?

Posted by Troy Bernstein on Sep 21st, 2011

What is a Sign Company? Well, today that description is drastically different then it was in the past. Today a sign company needs to offer a wide range of products and services in order to keep up with the changes. From Etchmark logos to vehicle wraps, and everything in between, The Alphabet Shop is making your business memorable with custom signs.

If you are in a corporate office building, you need to make sure that your signage reflects that. Etchmark vinyl logos are a great way to make one of your first impressions. Often there are glass doors to enter your business and putting these frosted vinyl logos on your glass really makes a statement. After a client walks through your office doors, a dimensional logo is the next important step. Your logo out of brushed aluminum, chrome, nickel or brass, stud mounted into your reception wall always looks great.

Once our sign company takes care of your interior logo signs, it’s on to the required building signs. Office name-plates and workstation signs can be fairly standard, but there is also the ability to customize these as well. Making these signs with a message insert system really helps to reduce costs, because it allows you the ability to print and change the names that slide into the sign. Once the office signs are done, you need to take care of the ADA requirements of stair signs, restrooms, elevators, fire evacuations etc. You may also need to add in some way finding signs depending on the size of your office.

Now that the required signage is done, a good sign company can show you numerous ways to customize your office. From mission statements to wall art, there are many options. Often times there are images that show what your business is all about. Printing these images and mounting them with standoffs or cable systems really changes your space. Sometimes businesses will print photos of how the company originally looked when it began or of the founding principles of the company.

No matter what type of business signs you need, The Alphabet Shop can tackle your project. Look at some of the projects we’ve done.


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