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Lobby Sign

Posted by Troy Bernstein on May 31st, 2011

If you are considering the purchase of a lobby sign for your business, you may find the number of choices a little overwhelming. Should you use a foam, acrylic, aluminum, brass…? How about an illuminated lobby sign? Nearly all lobby signs will incorporate the company’s logo. It’s important to keep a consistent look throughout your office. Lobby signs will create a memorable theme for any visitor to your place of business.

All business signs have their place, and the important thing is to find a sign that presents the right image for your company. Foam letters are inexpensive but can look really nice and add a lot of dimension to your logo. Acrylic is probably the most common material used for lobby signs because it is versatile, easily shaped and can accept many different types of finishes.

More expensive options include aluminum, brass, stainless steel and Illuminated signs. If considering an illuminated sign you should be going with LED’s. The price has come down in recent years and the energy savings along with dependability makes them a winner every time.

Interior signs, custom signs, and lobby signs all require knowledge and thought about the many available options. Having been in the sign business since the 1960’s gives us at The Alphabet Shop an edge over the competition. We are always up to date with all of the machinery and material innovations related to the sign industry.

Give us a call today at (800) 882-3151 and we will be glad to send out one of our sales team to survey and photograph your space. Once we receive your company artwork, preferably in vector format, we will create a rendering of what the new sign will look like in your office. We can also provide full size paper patterns and sample letters for your approval.

Contact us today! The Alphabet Shop can provide a custom lobby sign and many other corporate or retail signs to meet your needs.


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