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Posted by Troy Bernstein on Aug 8th, 2011

The Alphabet Shop is NOT your small town vinyl shop sign company.  We are a full service manufacturer and installer of all your business signs.  Our last few weeks have involved an exciting project with Arizona State University.  We’ve taken some creative ideas and brought them to life in a very different ways with this client.  This project had many different custom signs so it gives you a good idea of the range of work we can do.

Not only are we manufacturing these interior signs, but we are then onsite at ASU to install them.  We take our signage projects from beginning to end to ensure you have exactly what you hoped for.  During this process we have pictures of production, installation and at completion to show you how signs can change your space.  You can see illuminated and non illuminated logos, directional signs and more throughout this bookstore.

Installation on these business signs ranged from tape mount, to stud mount, to ceiling mount.  Ladders, scissor lifts, drills, tape and experience all go into this successful install.   48 years in this business helps us have the knowledge to handle any signage project.

Inside the ASU Bookstore we started out with some digital prints.  We printed images of different activities that take place across the campus.  Some prints are then mounted to the wall with cleats and others are installed directly to the soffits in the store. There were also numerous vinyl “trident” logos applied to a chemetal background.  These red tridents on a dimensional black and gray background really make the ASU logo pop.  A 14 foot cut out dimensional logo of the sun was made and mounted to the back wall of the store.  One of the Tridents was made larger to go right behind the check out area.  It has red LED on the backside and it was projection mounted from the wall.  Day or night this sign looks great!

We also created ceiling mounted information signs.  Stretch banner material with printed lettering was mounted on circular frames to hang from the ceiling of the store.  These add both color and dimension to the store while directing the customers to the area they need.  Also placed throughout the store were “sun” finials.  The location had numerous pillars already placed in the store and adding the chemetal dimensional sun finial to the top of the pillars shows how branding can really tie together the vision for your business.   Go Sun Devils!


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