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What is Custom Signage?

Posted by Troy Bernstein on Apr 21st, 2011

As a person looks around they are continually visually stimulated by the sight of signs, which are an integral part of a person’s day-to-day life.  By definition, a sign is a method of display that is used to identify, advertise or communicate a place of business, a product, a command, a warning, or a direction.  They are important by not only being a means of communication, but work as guidance, show instruction, and provide the needed information to make a decision or steer away from danger.  These are seen throughout the world in the form of corporate names on the side of buildings, traffic signs, office signs, lobby signs, and wayfinding signs (the directional signs that point people in the right direction).

Signs have a lot a value, especially in the marketplace.  Many times a business or company’s custom signage is the first thing a consumer sees.  It is essentially the call for public attention, and it is that attention that draws potential customers, with more customers hopefully resulting in higher profit margins.  Custom signage makes the first impression for the place of business, and can indicate a type of business a person is about to engage with.   An eye-catching office sign may get a consumer to stop in; a colorful and vibrant lobby sign in a dentist’s office may change a person’s mood, while a well-done wayfinding sign can alleviate a lot of confusion.

The value is also showcased highly in corporate branding due to the fact that sign recognition is important for repeat business or customers, and helps with the promotion of a product or service.  A great example is the Chicago based company, United Airlines, with the United sign/symbol.  The sign/symbol is a fixture in the airline industry, and is also is displayed in the namesake, United Center, which is the home to the Chicago sports teams, and is a venue for many other concerts and events.  This form of corporate branding is incredible for United for the amount of recognition, publicity, and promotion their custom sign generates.

This just shows the importance and value of custom signage.  They are essential for proper communication, and become an icon for a place of business.  Custom signage also makes the first impression, and hopes to turn it into a meaningful and lasting one.

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